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Campaign Monitor offering more flexibility, more functions and a revised user interface

Tags: Campaign Monitor, E-Mailings | last edited: 28.03.2013

In December, Campaign Monitor has been updated greatly and my favourite solution for ASP e-mail campaigns actually got even better and more flexible. Here are the most interesting changes at a glance:

Revised User Interface

The good user interface of Campaign Monitor is now even better. All areas have been revised and especially the campaign statistics and the subscriber management system have more functions and at the same time remain well arranged.

Campaign Monitor Update: campaign statistics

Access Authorisation for Clients

As a user of Campaign Monitor you can now enable your clients to directly contribute to the compilation and sending of e-mail campaigns by assigning them access authorisations. For example, clients can choose from different e-mail templates and add own content as when using a Content Management System. If the client has the necessary authorisation, he can then, after compiling the e-mail campaign, send it out directly and pay by credit card.

Campaign Monitor Update: subscriber management system

Reseller Options

With the new system it is now possible to become a reseller of Campaign Monitor and sell on the service of Campaign Monitor using your own brand and prices. This can be realised within the Campaign Monitor user interface or by using Campaign Monitor API and your own designed user interface. Examples are MagicMail and mail&go:

Open MagicMail in a new window Open mail and go in a new window


With this update, Campaign Monitor took a big step forward into the right direction and has further improved an already good service. The only downside is the missing multilingualism which would boost the popularity of Campaign Monitor even in the English-speaking parts of the world.

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23.04.2009 14:12:29

I just recently switched back to Campaign Monitor after going over to Mail Chimp for a while. Campaign Monitor won me over with their new "reseller" features as well as the simplicity of their interface. The one thing that impressed me the most is how easy they make it to ensure your e-mails get through to your recipients. They generate the TXT DNS records for you (like Domain Keys and Sender ID) and all you have to do is copy and paste them into your domain manager. This helps make sure Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail users (among others) get the messages you send.