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MODx Evolution 1.0 published

Tags: MODx | last edited: 11.08.2009

Finally MODx Evolution 1.0 is out, which is an important update for many MODx users. On the one hand because of the psychological and symbolical relevance, to finally be able to work with a CMS with an “1” as version number instead of a “0” (but with three positions after the decimal point). On the other hand because the MODx team has invested a tremendous amount of work – although developing MODx Revolution on a parallel basis – and now presents a highly improved and modernized version of MODx compared to the previous version

MODx Evolution 1.0: Manager Home

Overview of the the (subjectively) most important changes:

  • A revised and more user friendly installation routine.
  • The new and improved Manager theme “Carbon”, which – together with other improvements – makes working with the MODx manager faster and more comfortable.
  • The QuickManager as replacement of QuickEdit for quick AJAX based editing of sites in the frontend.
  • The adaptation of the MODx terminology to the terminology used in MODx Revolution.
MODx Evolution 1.0: Edit Ressource

The changes in the terminology probably will cause some confusion in the beginning, but fortunately are quite moderate.

The new terminology in MODx:

  • Documents now are called Resources
  • Resources now are called Elements
  • The Resource Browser now is called File Browser
  • Folder (on the MODx Site Tree) now are called Container
  • Folder (on the filesystem) now are called Directory
  • Tree now is called Site Tree
MODx Evolution 1.0: QuickManager in action

If you want to try out the new version immediately, you can do so on Otherwise: download and install MODx Evolution 1.0 and start your next web project with the new version of MODx right away!

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