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MODx Revolution 2.0 Beta published

Tags: MODx | last edited: 31.07.2009

The MODx team is working for quite a while now on MODx Revolution 2.0, the completely new coded Version of MODx CMS. A short while ago the beta version was published and now MODx Revolution 2.0 Beta is available on for testing.

You should not have to big expectations: MODx Revolution 2.0 is a quite early beta version at the moment and for the final version there is quite a lot of work to do for the developers. Especially speed and handling of the new Manager need further improvement. But altogether the beta makes a good impression and I am looking forward to use the next generation of MODx in a real life project soon.

MODx Revolution 2.0 Beta published

The most important improvements in MODx Revolution compared to the old MODx version – now called MODx Evolution – are listed in the MODx roadmap. This are amongst others:

  • A new modern Manager that is fully customizable.
  • An improved and much more capable API for developers.
  • The possibility to load and install plugins directly online.
  • A completely new programmed MODx core.

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