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MooTools plugin collections you should know

Tags: JavaScript, MooTools, AJAX | last edited: 14.02.2009

Before you, as a MooTools user, start to invest time into developing your own, new and seemingly missing MooTools function, you should definitely have a look at the following plugin-libraries for MooTools first. It might already be in there.

Open Clientcide Libraries in a new window

Clientcide Libraries

A very extensive collection of add-ons for MooTools, neatly organised and well documented. The Clientcide libraries are an absolute must for all MooTools users! The MooTorial is also very helpful, right “next to it” and a comprehensive MooTools documentation and introduction.

Open phatfusion in a new window


Samuel Birch, MooTools developer, has published a very helpful collection of MooTools plugins called phatfusion. Worth mentioning are especially: image menu, multibox and sortable table. Unfortunately, no up to date versions of plugins for MooTools 1.2 are published.

Open mochaui demo in a new window


mochaui is a user-interface library that can be modularly used for manifold applications. You can use individual components to extend web sites, as well as the mochaui desktop with all its components to build web applications upon it.

Open Meteora in a new window


Meteora is a collection of MooTools add-ons from the Mexican software company Astrata Software. Currently, the library is only available for MooTools 1.11

Open uvumi tools in a new window

uvumi tools

The uvumi tools are not as comprehensive as some of the other plugin collections, but they do contain rare functions such as colour pickers, picture cropping or a plugin for exchanging system progress bars, within a web site, with your own designed ones.

Open Jx in a new window


Jx is similar to mochaui a large user-interface library. The demo area is very clearly arranged and shows alle elements of the library together with the particular source code.

Suggestions on how to add to this list are always welcome!

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