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The Green Sofa Phenomenon

Tags: Sehenswert | last edited: 30.03.2009

There is a strange phenomenon to be seen with more and more of my colleagues: the green sofa syndrome (in circles of experts also known as GSS). It involves green settees in different variations placed at prominent spots of the respective website.

This is even more surprising if you consider how much service providers in our creative sphere and environment try to distinguish themselves from competitors and are keen to emphasise their own style. This leaves room for manifold speculations about how things could come to such a concentration of green settees on creative websites.


So far, the following sites are known as having the green sofa syndrome. However, the estimated number of unknown cases could be considerably higher:

Manuela Hoffmann: Graphics and web designer from Berlin / Germany, author of the textbooks „Professionelles Webdesign mit (X)HTML und CSS“ and „Modernes Webdesign“:

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David Hellmann: Graphics and web designer from Cologne / Germany:

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Chris Hortsch: Graphics and web designer from Hamburg / Germany:

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Julien Raimond: Graphics and web designer from Puteaux / France:

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Pixel Design Studios: Web design agency from Los Angeles / USA:

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Attempted explanations

Are we on the track of a graphics and web designers’ conspiracy?
And what could be the aim of such a green-sofa-alliance?
Are green settees addictive?
There have also been speculations about the persons concerned and if they are victims of a presently unknown mental addiction related to green settees.
Product placement
Other observers assume that this is a very clever form of product placement as the world-wide overturn of green settees has been depreciating for years.

The green sofa syndrome will probably keep us in suspense for some time. The editorial department of Blog.Medianotions will keep on this highly pressing topic!

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25.01.2010 19:30:38


I wonder if this will catch on like the zillion websites that show a cross section of grass growing?

jajatropha visit website

06.08.2009 06:45:13

It’s good design

Chris visit website

22.05.2009 11:02:11

hmmm…. I didn’t expect anybody to find out the truth about our alliance… good job so far!

Zaigham visit website

30.04.2009 00:46:06

Nice article, I like the terms you used:

Green Sofa Syndrome
Attempted explanations


BTW very nice sites!

Shane Sponagle visit website

14.04.2009 23:57:24

This is a great catch. LOL I seems like a conspiracy to me.

Götz Hoffart visit website

30.03.2009 21:56:00