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Wallpaper: Tangled Green

Tags: Wallpaper, Photoshop | last edited: 14.05.2009

I was quite astonished to see that Google is currently listing my wallpapers on the first place when you search for “tangled Wallpaper” in the web search and also in the image search.

I also like the fact that so many people are downloading my wallpapers, but I am also a little bit surprised that the tangled wallpaper series has become so popular. However, now its time for a new variant. This time in green (currently my favorite color) and with dots:

Wallpaper: Tangled Green

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STB visit website

23.02.2010 11:40:06

It’s nice. Keep on!

Jarkko visit website

18.02.2010 12:09:29

Nice wpaper. Thanks for sharing!

eGeorge Delorean visit website

02.10.2009 13:12:10

Super cool wallpaper. I love it

Zaigham visit website

18.06.2009 18:06:37

Very nice wallpaper.

Thanks for sharing nice stuff. :)

Web Design Quote visit website

03.06.2009 10:43:35

Congratulation for the listing your wallpapers on the first page of google. I like your site and the the wallpapers as well.Keep adding more wallpapers.