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The last entry for now

Tags: General announcements | last edited: 03.05.2010

Unfortunately, the English version of the Medianotions Blog will not be continued. This is mainly because I struggle to find the time to translate the blog entries into English, not to mention that my English is far from perfect.

Another reason why there will be no more English articles is that my diligent translator Lucia Hoffart, who translated most of the English version of the blog, had to stop helping me when she took on a new job.

So thank you for stopping by. Maybe you will still find some useful information in the existing articles. Thanks for reading and bye bye!

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21.05.2010 07:12:09

many thanks for publishing your articles in english - i’m sure everyone can appreciate how time consuming it would be to publish in two languages.
I enjoyed your articles on modx, and will probably still come back to visit your api cheatsheet! Here’s to another translator coming along soon.